“I love the mix of music we do, and I guess that’s down to the fact that everyone can make suggestions for songs to do. I also like the fact that when new songs are tried out everybody has a go and doesn’t winge about it being too hard, or not their taste in music.  In the other choir there were a lovely group of people and I can say the same for Cantare, I felt welcome right away. I think that where you’re unique is in having a day time session I can bring the children to. I love how everybody welcomes all of the children, it makes a big difference to a busy mummy who’s worried her children might get on other people’s nerves!

“I think the portal on the website is fantastic, I can download songs to practice at work and hear each part in isolation.

I have really been enjoying singing with Cantare and I think that as a choir we’re better than some members think they are! Not that that matters, singing is all about singing to enjoy yourself and being part of a group.”         

Sarah Abbatt

“With regard to how Cantare Choir is different as we  have a say in the type or style of music. You have always been open to song suggestions and have accommodated them where possible and worked on arrangements to suit the singers. Particularly to give the low voices parts to feature them so they have words to sing and they are not just providing backing to the middle and high sections of the choir. You share the song parts well between the sections.

Cantare isn’t as formal  but we do work hard and have fun learning new songs. You include techniques where necessary and make it enjoyable for everyone whether they can read music or not. Everyone can join in with no pressure to audition and just enjoy singing together. It is inclusive and everyone was so friendly and welcoming to me I soon felt at home singing with you all.

I really look forward to my Monday evening sing each week!”

Tina Spiers

“Our strengths are:  inclusive, reasonable price, understanding that we can’t all be there every week, involvement in choice of songs/events/performances, sense of fun, welcoming ( I think) to new members.”

Sue Stanley