What makes us different?

The daytime choir is kid/baby friendly. In fact we love it when we have people who bring kids/babies.

The evening choir is ridiculously affordable. We are a Community Choir so we are not about making loads of profit.

You don’t need to read music and our music is (mostly) secular.

We pride ourselves on singing songs that you won’t find elsewhere. Many of our arrangements are bespoke for Cantare. You won’t find another choir singing the same songs as Cantare.

We are a lovely friendly group, if a little zany at times. Most people are a bit shy about doing movement so we don’t tend to do much of that.

The members chose (most of) the songs.

We perform with live instruments or no instruments at all.

Our leader doesn’t use a mic or head mic so there is no barrier between you and her.

We have socials that are unlike any other social, that you’re welcome to attend, (we’d love you to).

On a Tuesday we take over the cafe at Rowheath Pavilion and have a cuppa and cake.

Can I try out the choir before I decide to join?


You can have one free trial at the Tuesday morning choir before joining and two at the Monday night choir!

Do I have to audition?

Absolutely not. We are all about being accessible and open.

You do not need to audition and you won’t ever be asked to sing solo, in fact Rebecca doesn’t much like competitive singing so she rarely asks anyone to sing solo.

Do we get to perform?

We usually perform one big concert a year, sometimes with a band.
We do lots of performances at Christmas and others throughout the year.

It is great if you like to perform, but if you feel you are too shy to perform don’t let that put you off joining us. There are usually a couple of people who are too shy to perform and they sing with us at practice but don’t perform.

How much does it cost?

Monday night costs £55 per quarter (less if we don’t miss more than a week or two).

Tuesday morning cost £18 a month, due each month.

(The choirs are ran in different ways, if you want to know ask us at a rehearsal one time).

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